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Thank you all for you nice comments! This year!!!
Love your music. Very much hoping it will be available on Spotify soon!!
Ti ho incontrato sotto la metropolitana a Penny Station nel 2008 Acquistai il tuo cd "Stone to stone" e qui a Roma lo ascolto... Spero di tornare a NY per incontrarti di nuovo Un abbraccio
Hey D, Been too long. Hope you're well my friend. Paul
Hello. I'm Jeff
Really great!
hey dorian, how are you? any new music coming soon.. I hope you are well, and having a great summer-- look forward to new music or the covers. take care- John castro
Thank you John, the cover was truly fun to make. I want to do that again soon with some originals. Thanks for the compliment.
hi Dorian, The cover of no woman no cry was unbelievable- I hope all is well- looking forward to a new CD --- you take care-- John castro
Dear Dorian, I hope to invite you to perform at the New Museum on the Lower East Side in NYC and hope you would contact me on: Thank you and all best, Helga
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