Back to the Future


...I was attacked and I found myself camped out in the hospital for a few days, apparently near death. It was a derailing event that coincided with a spiraling personal reality...

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Incase you haven't heard, I'm in a Staged Reading of George Sands, "Gabriel"!

What's In A Name?


It’s taken some time, but it’s finally hit me --- the lifting of the fog that I’ve both intentionally and involuntarily existed in my entire life surrounding my adoption. It’s not that I didn’t ask questions, nor is it the lack of answers. In fact, the fog I speak of has been like a protective force keeping me focused on the horizon --- if only to steady myself.

Songs for Donald Drumpf


At a time when it’s important to say something real and to show where one stands on the serious issues of the day, everything an artist puts out is made exponentially more significant. It can be an opportunity, but it can also be a impediment. Depending on where an artist is with a piece of work or works, having to respond --- no, wanting to respond --- to topical issues makes the work of knowing what your audience wants more complicated.

Protest Drumpf!


I almost lost it! I went down that rabbit hole of: "you just had a chance to do that at the highest level!" There has never been a better candidate than Hilary Clinton, yet so many were unable to see past the propaganda...

We will be relying on these same people, so easily cowed, to be able to think critically about pivotal desicions in the future.

Race War?


I'm overcome with anger. The American police force is stepping up its war against Black America and I'm fucking sick of it. I have to imagine that with the kind anger in the air, domestic warfare is not far from the surface. It's the smallest minds that are destroying the dream that was America. And it won't come back. Remember Rome!

What's the deal with DJ's


Ok, I'm sure I'll get some flack for this but I have to ask. What is it with these DJ concerts? I'm seeing more and more videos of huge shows where tens of thousands of people show up to here one guy literally pressing buttons! That's it, that's the whole show.

Cover Song - No Woman No Cry


I shot a music video with a smart phone. These gadgets are crazy!



What do I think about when I'm not thinking about music?



Let me know if you want to see updates about my training and up coming 2014 race season. Would be fun to share.

Standing My Ground pound for pound!


But something kept nagging me. What did my life mean in the face of what I saw as a huge injustice? I began to question if the reality I was raised to believe in was even mine.

...So I wrote a song based on the testimony from the Trayvon Martin murder trial. I needed to write this song not only to speak out as someone who has felt racial bias but also as a way to say, “no, I won’t let my reality be denied because someone else can't see it.

It’s called Stand My Ground. Take it and go!

Hello Sandy!


We were spared. It was a scary night of wind and rain. The trees outside were moving around like noodles in soup. The wind was absolutely determined to introduce the trees to the house. I could actually feel the house quiver slightly at times.

Welcome to the New website!


For years I've been singing for subway straphangers from the city which Sinatra said, "if you can make it there you can make it anywhere". I'm making it, albeit in baby steps. None the less increasingly in the future the true sign of my success will be determined by the community that I can involve in my music and message. And I don't need a record deal if I'm doing the hard work of finding the right audience. What success means has changed in large part to mean that the community takes a hand in sharing the message as the prime promotional force. And since you are here reading this, the first post for my new website blog page, It would seem the work continues. Welcome to the site, if you are so inclined please pass a link, tell a friend or even tweet about my music... YOU are my record deal. Thank you for all the hard work.

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