Hello Sandy!

 I’ve spent much of this year in a constant state of development. Massaging material for the next CD though at times in a state of panic. I’ve wrestled with feeling that I need to remake myself and find a new sound and a new voice. I’ve slowed to tend to the obstacles that everyday life presents. Moments of true inspiration require evermore cultivation. When Sandy hit I realized that I’ve got to try to enjoy the moments I find myself in, whatever they are, wherever they are, that nothing is guaranteed nor is anything forever.

 We were spared. It was a scary night of wind and rain. The trees outside were moving around like noodles in soup. The wind was absolutely determined to introduce the trees to the house. I could actually feel the house quiver slightly at times. But when it was all said and done all we lost were a few shingles, a week with electricity and a week of warmth. Many branches came down within inches of the house, some very big and very heavy. But none actually hit. We were so much luckier than some of our fellow storm survivors and for that there is nothing but unspeakable thanks for good fortune.

 On the music front, the songs are coming, though not as fast as I would like. The declaration that I’d be releasing my third CD by the end of the year is seeming faulty and porously hopeful. That said, I am still at it kicking a screaming the way I do wearing my heart on my sleeve. The house is standing, the new studio is perfect and the consummation of the next album is continues.

So my friend and fellow Street Musician Luke Ryan is producing a new live series called:

Witness this premiere event on December 6, at 7:00PM
St. John Presbyterian Church on Christopher Street
Cost: FREE

 It looks like it’s gonna be a great night filled with an eclectic line-up, some of whom you might know. I plan to play a few songs in a nice 30 minute set. So if you’re in town and can make it, it would be great to see you there! Either way, I hope you are well wherever you are and  send me a line and let me know what’s happening with you when and if you get a chance.


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