Incase you haven't heard, I'm in a Staged Reading of George Sands, "Gabriel"!

It's been a while since I last ventured onto the stage as an actor. The very idea that I'm not carrying my guitar on with me seems like a foreign act. I knew one day I would have to reach back, dig down deep to my roots and go again before I could ever say that my acting days were truly behind me. So here I am with my shovel sharing the stage with actors in their twenties who are welcoming this old relic back into the fold with grace. I am the old man of the bunch and in fact I'm playing a grandfather! I guess age gets us all in one way or another but if I am to be reminded, it's best that it comes in the form of a play, a kind of make believe. I, who was always the youngest of my peers have finally seen the light on the other side of the curtain and I'm not blinded. I am reborn.

I'm so excited to be able to share this time in my stage career with all those who venture to see it reemerge. The moment is upon us. The show is called, "Gabriel", the location is close. Come share what is to be my own version of The Phoenix!