Back to the Future 

In the last few years I’ve been working to catch-up to an acting career I started decades ago. Actually, catch up might be a bit inaccurate, it got away from me after an unfortunate incident where I was attacked and I found myself camped out in the hospital for a few days, apparently near death. It was a derailing event that coincided with a spiraling personal reality that led to a new and very different narrative in my life. Now, little by little I’m finding my way back to where I left off and so I…

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Incase you haven't heard, I'm in a Staged Reading of George Sands, "Gabriel"! 

It's been a while since I last ventured onto the stage as an actor. The very idea that I'm not carrying my guitar on with me seems like a foreign act. I knew one day I would have to reach back, dig down deep to my roots and go again before I could ever say that my acting days were truly behind me. So here I am with my shovel sharing the stage with actors in their twenties who are welcoming this old relic back into the fold with grace. I am the old man of the bunch and in fact I'm playing a grandfather! I…

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What's In A Name? 

It’s taken some time, but it’s finally hit me --- the lifting of the fog that I’ve both intentionally and involuntarily existed in my entire life regarding my adoption. It’s not that I didn’t ask questions, nor is it the lack of answers. In fact, the fog I speak of has been like a protective force keeping me focused on the horizon --- even if only to steady myself.

In 2013 when my adoptive mother passed, that fog was as thick as it had ever been. Maybe it was the mystical force my mother had always spoken…

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Songs for Donald Drumpf 

At a time when it’s important to say something real and to show where one stands on the serious issues of the day, everything an artist puts out is made exponentially more significant. It can be an opportunity, but it can also be a impediment. Depending on where an artist is with a piece of work or works, having to respond --- no, wanting to respond --- to topical issues makes the work of knowing what your audience wants more complicated. 

Most art tells a story in one way or another. As a songwriter I…

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Protest Drumpf! 

It's been amazing to see all the huge protests to the Drumpf presidency. There's a certain kind of confidence and comfort that comes from witnessing such a show of social awareness and activism. People are starting to make comparisons to the 1960s civil rights movement and the activism that took place around the country. It's inspiring.

On Jan. 21,2017, the day of the Women's March on Washington, I watched online as person after person, celebrity after celebrity spoke the blatant truth. At one point…

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Race War? 

I'm overcome with anger. The American police force is stepping up its war against Black America and I'm fucking sick of it. I have to imagine that with the kind anger in the air, domestic warfare is not far from the surface. It's the smallest minds that are destroying the dream that was America. And it won't come back. Remember Rome!

I'm not sure what the hell is going on out there but I really wish it would cease! Sensible words don't seem to have the effect that they should. Faith in this and faith in…

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What's the deal with DJ's 

Ok, I'm sure I'll get some flack for this but I have to ask. What is it with these DJ concerts? I'm seeing more and more videos of huge shows where tens of thousands of people show up to here one guy literally pressing buttons! That's it, that's the whole show. They stand behind a bunch of... you can't even call them turn tables anymore, they're just buttons. And the crowds eat it up like they're watching something great. You mean to tell me that I can wave my hand in the air and play a bunch of mp3's I…

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Standing My Ground pound for pound! 

I deliberated for while as to what I wanted to do about the Trayvon Martin case. First I thought, “who am I to think I need to add my voice to this incredibly divisive conversation.” There were all kinds of political leaders and talking heads at the ready taking care of all the effectual talking points. And I’ve already found that ‘speaking out,’ no matter what the grievance, can be disappointing and even risky in one way or another.

But something kept nagging me. What did my life mean in the face of what…

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